Survey Research

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I created this research project with three other group members in my Survey Research & Methods class. Our client was Verge Pipe Media, a local inbound marketing and strategy firm in Auburn, Alabama. Our group was tasked with learning more about the relationship between universities' social media accounts on potential students' college choices.

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Don Crow, founder and owner of Verge Pipe Media, asked us to create a survey research project that analyzes the impact of social media on college decisions. Since he works with higher education institutions, he was searching for a better understanding of how he should market Verge Pipe Media's capabilities.

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Survey & Results.

After conducting secondary research on the topic, meeting with Crow several times and conducting a survey through Qualtrics Survey System, we compiled our results in this report. This was a great experience with public relations research and working with a team to accomplish a large-scale project. Click the image above to read the full report.