Media Kit

Planet Fundraiser launches in Auburn

planet fundraiser graphic

*This is a fictional media kit created for a university course.*

My favorite class at Auburn University was Multimedia Writing for PR. In this course we learned the fundamentals of all the tools we will use in our careers. Whether it's a pitch letter, a press release or a PSA, I feel completely confident in my ability to create the necessary tools to communicate my company's message.

The final project for the course was a media kit that was a sort of "tool kit" of everything we'd learned in the semester.

I chose to build my media kit for Planet Fundraiser, a start-up company in Birmingham, Alabama, that uses an app to make charitable giving and fundraising possible. By shopping at businesses and uploading a picture of your receipt, businesses can automatically donate a percentage of your sale to a cause of your choice.

I centered the kit on coverage of the Big Give Day to mark the launch of the Planet Fundraiser app in Auburn. I provided all the necessary details the media may need in a visually-appealing, accessible way.

Visit the following links to view PDF versions of the media kit.