A logo is defined as an identifying symbol; a design adopted to identify a brand. I created my personal brand logo with Adobe Photoshop. I knew that I wanted to combine classic, clean lines with a playful script font. At first, I tested a few design options using a circle or a diamond shape, but nothing felt like it represented me properly.

I found inspiration in an old-fashioned sign hanging in my kitchen that features a stark black rectangle on a white background with a vintage script font pouring outside the boundary of the rectangle. I liked the contrast of black and white and hard lines and script font.

Like my logo, my personality is dual-layered. I am professional and organized, but I have an easy-going, bubbly disposition.

I find a balance between taking my work seriously and enjoying life to the fullest. I also know how to think outside the box, and I think my logo design represents that well with the overflowing text.

I used the font "Better Together" for the script writing of my first name. I always write my first name in cursive as a homage to my mom; she chose to spell my name with an extra "y" so I'd have an extra, elegant loop to write.

I chose my last name in a font called "Big Caslon" because it is a vintage-looking serif font. Last names are precious to me because they are something we carry from all the generations of family members before us, so I wanted to pay respect to my family's name with a classic font.

I created a black version for my dark logo and a green-blue version that matches my website colors to use as an overlay on photos.