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I created this infographic for my Style & Design course in fall 2017 using Canva. I chose to create a grocery shopping guide because I love cooking healthy meals, but grocery shopping on a budget can be difficult. This guide outlines my go-to purchases for a week of healthy meals and would be great to post on a social media platform such as Pinterest. I got the idea to create this guide after one of my friends expressed how she wished she could cook meals for herself, but she never knew what to get at the store. Hopefully this graphic will help her and others!

I started off with an infographic template on Canva that had a fresh, earthy feel to it and room for list items. I placed healthy food images in the background underneath a green color with a high opacity for a subtle, yet straightforward visual. I listed my items and used a clean sans-serif font with numbers and bullets to make it easier to read. I went with a playful serif font for the title and added a shopping cart graphic for a little fun.