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I mentor a 5 year old boy through Project Uplift. Our time together has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, and I am a huge proponent of the program. Project Uplift can always use more volunteers to meet the growing list of children in need, so I decided to make a volunteer information brochure to create awareness of their program.

Step No.



I created this brochure using Canva. I wanted a design that was cheerful, since the program serves children, but also clean and striking. I love the sun beams I used on a blue background because the program is all about being a light in a child's life. I kept the fonts simple and easy to read and used a photo from one of the mentors in the background of the second page.

Step No.


Final Product.

This brochure gives the background of the program, insight into the child and mentor roles and an inspiring testimonial to intrigue a potential volunteer. On the backside of the brochure, there is a call to attend an information session to learn more. I listed information session dates and included Project Uplift's contact information for questions. Click here for a PDF version of my brochure.